Colors of Awareness Ribbons for Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Week Colors

Typically held the week after Labor Day, National Suicide Prevention Week focuses on creating awareness of this leading cause of death. This is done through a variety of events and activities.

KVSP staff have been touched by suicide personally, through loss of co-workers or family members. They have worked to create an event to help raise suicide awareness and engage the team.

Blue Awareness Ribbon

Pink is a common awareness ribbon color for breast cancer and other female health issues. This color is also used to support Paget’s disease, eosinophilic diseases, nursing mothers and suicide prevention.

Light blue is the color for Alzheimer’s and miscarriage awareness. It also represents alopecia and Foster Care. Purple represents a number of conditions including ARDS, lupus, Crohn’s disease, cystic fibrosis and eating disorders.

Orange awareness ribbons are associated with leukemia, multiple sclerosis and hunger. You may also see this color to support stroke survivors and those affected by ADHD. Black and white awareness ribbons represent bone cancer and melanoma, respectively. You’ll also see them for adoption, AIDS and POW/MIA. Yellow is the most well-known military support ribbon. It honors those who serve and sacrifice their lives for the country.

Yellow Awareness Ribbon

Ribbons are a powerful medium for spreading awareness about a cause. Their simplicity and universal recognition allow them to break down geographical, cultural, and linguistic barriers. Awareness campaigns using these symbols have reached millions, promoting change and encouraging people to take action to support the affected individuals and families.

The most popular yellow awareness ribbon symbolizes US troops and the Armed Forces. When you see someone wearing a yellow ribbon, they are likely supporting a family member who is in the military. Yellow is also one of the most common cancer awareness colors, representing bladder, bone, and liver cancers. It is also used to raise awareness for femoral acetabular impingement, spina bifida, and obesity.

The purple awareness ribbon represents Hodgkin’s disease and other forms of cancer affecting the immune system. It is also used to raise awareness for cervical cancer, lupus, Tourette Syndrome, anxiety disorders, and other mental health issues.

Red Awareness Ribbon

Red is the most well-known awareness ribbon color. It symbolizes stroke, heart disease, and substance abuse. It is also used by programs that work to prevent suicide.

Yellow awareness ribbons are a symbol of support for our troops and those who are missing in action. They’re also used to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease, depression, autism, and more.

Green is often associated with scoliosis, but it also represents childhood depression and other conditions like rheumatism. This bright and vibrant shade is also a sign of hope for those who suffer from anorexia, irritable bowel syndrome, and different types of cancer.

Black awareness ribbons represent loss and mourning for those who have died from diseases such as melanoma or war victims of terrorism or other acts of violence. It’s also a popular choice for HIV/AIDS awareness.

Orange Awareness Ribbon

The orange awareness ribbon symbolizes remembrance of those lost to suicide and hope for those who wish to stop the disease. This color is also used for fetal alcohol syndrome, scoliosis and brachial plexus injuries (which affect movement in the arms and hands).

Teal awareness ribbons are worn for ovarian cancer, Raynaud’s disease and stuttering and other speech impediments like dysarthria and stammering. This color is often associated with young people.

Awareness ribbon pins are a great way to raise awareness about an important cause. These ribbons can be worn on shirts, hats and other clothing. You can find many different styles, colors and sizes of awareness ribbons. You can even get your awareness ribbons personalized to make them more unique. You can even order them in bulk for a discounted rate.

Green Awareness Ribbon

The green awareness ribbon is used to raise awareness for mental health issues and help those in need of support. It is also a symbol of hope and new beginnings. It is often combined with other colors to represent different causes.

The light blue awareness ribbon is most commonly associated with herpes and genital health issues. However, it is also used to raise awareness for chronic pelvic pain and Celiac Disease. It is also the color of the ribbon for stuttering and depression.

The teal awareness ribbon represents sexual assault victims and those who have experienced domestic violence. It is also the color of the ribbon to raise awareness for Raynaud’s disease, which causes the fingers and toes to become numb in response to cold temperatures.

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